Strategies that the Government has Undertaken to Reduce Unemployment in India

Following are the strategies you should keep in mind that are undertaken by the Government to reduce unemployment:

1. Change in Educational System: More emphasis should be given to vocational education.

2. Checking of Population Explosion: Rapidly rising population should be checked by adopting family planning and welfare schemes.

3. Developing Infrastructure of Economy: Infra-structure of the economy should be developed.

4. Development of Cottage and Small-scale Industries: As they provide more employment by adopting labour intensive techniques.

5. Heavy Investment in Basic Industries: Investment in heavy and basic industries and consumer goods industries should be increased. They provide more employment along with the supply of consumer goods.

6. Introduction of Rural Works Programmes: Rural works programmes should be increased.

7. Modernisation of Agriculture: Modernisation of agriculture should be done. Waste lands should be utilised.

8. Stress on Self-employment: Young entrepreneurs should be financed for self-employment.

9. Subsidies to Private Sector: Subsidies and other incentives should be given to private sector.

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